Veterans Training and Fencing

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Fencers of veteran age (40yrs+) have been part of the main stays of fencing clubs for years. They are often a minority within the clubs, so may not get the opportunity to practice and fence among their age peers. They typically have no choice but to train with much younger fencers, which can prevent them from reaching their full potential within their peer groups.

Female fencers have been found to be less likely to remain in competitive fencing above the age of 40, which creates an unbalance in our sport. This is nowhere more evident than when trying to fill women's weapon teams for the Veterans Winton Cup.

We aim to:

Provide a club in the Midlands regions to allow veteran fencers to practice and train with their age peer groups and other experienced fencers to improve their personal performance.

Improve the standard of veterans fencing in the Midland regions with a view to increasing personal satisfaction and national and international success.

Provide structured personal training programmes for those members aspiring to a higher level of personal performance.

Encourage membership of British Veterans Fencing so that members may avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in national and international veteran’s events.

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